The Voice behind Vegeta, Voice Actor Ryo Horikawa’s Lethal Attack Collab has Fans Going Wild


Voice actor Ryo Horikawa, who has voiced Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z and Heiji Hattori in Detective Conan, updated his Twitter on 17 April. His Twitter update has become a hot topic.

Urawa Red Diamonds’s Tomoaki Makino tweeted “I love Dragon Ball. I want to do various moves.”

In response, Horikawa tweeted “Shall we do Final Flash together next time”, bringing up Vegeta’s lethal move.

To which Makino replied “I definitely want to do it. Please, let’s”.

On the 17th, the collaboration video was uploaded.

Makino brings out Vegeta’s lethal move as Horikawa provides his voice.

Both Horikawa and Makino tweeted “Such that everyone in the world can regain even a little energy, 2 people who were connected by their love for Dragon Ball thought this up! Everyone! Improve your immunity with this Final Flash collaboration and let’s drive away the virus around you!”.

With over 320,000 views and 7479 retweets (as of 22 April), the video has been showered by comments such as “Way too cool! I can’t take it! Vegeta is the best!!!!” and “Vegeta, you’re the best!”. It is a wonderful collaboration that hopes to drive away the coronavirus.

Furthermore, Dragon Ball entertainer R Fujimoto also responded to this collaboration.

He posted his collaboration video with Horikawa on his Twitter with the tweet “I’ve kept you waiting! After the collaboration video with Makino, the next one up is me!”.

Fujimoto’s video has also amassed 430,000 views and 12,000 retweets (as of 22 April), becoming a hot topic.

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