D to hold Japan’s first-ever #WebstoreEvent”


D will hold Japan’s first-ever #WebstoreEvent at 8PM on 9 May 2020.

The webstore event is unlike internet sign events and no-audience concerts (broadcast over the internet). It is the web version of in-store and out-store events in which purchasers of CDs and merchandise are eligible to participate.

The event will consist of a live broadcast of an acoustic mini-concert and a talk session. It will be broadcast live from GOD CHILD RECORDS’s very own studio “Studio Rosarium”, which opened last year, to those who have purchased over 5,000 yen at the webstore. Merchandise available for purchase include D 17th Anniversary merchandise and the CD albums of new singles.

“Studio Rosarium” is a photography studio, event space and rental space which emphasizes the aesthetics of old European castles and rose gardens. Considering safety measures with regards to the new coronavirus, the event will be held with the fewest members possible (a total of 6 people including the members and staff in an estimated 200m2 space), and broadcast through the internet conference application Zoom. This will be Japan’s first attempt to hold such an event due to the current situation in the current generation.

New merchandise available include the CD versions of charity songs for the Australian Bushfires, “ACACIA~Pray For Australia~” and “Hard Koala” (currently streaming digitally), and hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, keychains, masks and eco-bags with a koala motif. Masks, earplugs, lanyards and eco-bags featuring designs by D, who have also been called the “Guardian of Rose”, alongside instant photo sets are also available. A complete set consisting of all the new merchandise is also available so please do check it out.

Those who have purchased over ¥7,000 will not only be eligible to participate in the webstore event, they will also receive 1 novelty event ticket for every ¥7,000 spent. The ticket can be used at any concert after-party novelty event (instant photo-taking event) within Japan.

The ticket will be valid from August 2020 and has no expiry date. We hope to see you at this webstore event and at after-party novelty events at future concerts.

・For more details on how to participate in the webstore event and regarding the novelty event ticket valid at events all over Japan→D official website

・For webstore merchandise details→Rosen Kranz


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