Music Production Agency HIP LAND MUSIC Reveals the Playlist “cheer up! music” Created by Artists Under the Agency and Listeners


Music production agency HIP LAND MUSIC has released a listener participation-type playlist and also an article regarding the playlist!

Amid all the sad news regarding concert cancellations and postponements, the agency has collected “songs that gives them strength” from listeners to create this playlist with the hope that everyone may be able to move forward with the strength of music. The playlist is titled “cheer up! music”.

HIP LAND MUSIC’s artists Gontiti, KANA-BOON, The fin., odol, yourness, LITE (Jun Izawa), Keishi Tanaka and DENIMS (Kamachu/Okayu) also participated in the creation of this playlist.

The creation of this playlist also saw the participation of curators from HIP LAND MUSIC’s digital distribution & promotion service “FRIENDSHIP.”.

The playlist includes a wide array of songs, from Western to Japanese, from a variety of genres, as recommended by HIP LAND MUSIC’s artists and listeners.

The article “cheer up! music” which has been released simultaneously also summarizes the songs in the playlist as well as comments from HIP LAND MUSIC’s artists and listeners. Please do take this chance to read through the article as you listen to the playlist.

As this worrying situation continues, please listen to “cheer up! music” for a change of pace, to gain strength to move forward!

【Spotify Playlist “cheer up! Music”】

【Article Regarding the Playlist】


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