DIR EN GREY at The Regent Theater, Los Angeles


Author: Cecee

If purgatory were made into a musical, DIR EN GREY would be the guides providing the soundtrack.


DIR EN GREY deserve to be recognized as one of the world’s most dynamic, trailblazing heavy metal bands. Fans from all walks of life feel a deep sense of connection with their music. Language barriers become irrelevant when a group like DIR EN GREY is equally as good on stage as they are in the studio. On December 5th, the band played a packed-out show at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, to start the first leg of their tour, aptly named This Way to Self-Destruction.

Disjointed images of burning planets, fallen ash and heavy skies flashed on the backdrop as DIR EN GREY trickled onto the stage. One by one, the members grabbed their instruments and settled into the stage tableau like characters in a macabre portrait. Giving an enigmatic sneer, vocalist Kyo slowly sauntered to the front of the stage. Kyo’s body undulated to the soft guitar chords and the shimmering sound of Shinya‘s cymbals as they launched into Zetsuentai.

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