Author: ZyXyS

Small, but catchy release.

After a strong comeback last year with the explosive mini-album ReloadedLAST MAY JAGUAR continue to slowly expand their discography, this time with a smaller release. Their second single, titled PRAY, has only two songs, and will take about 10 minutes of your time to listen to. However, don’t be surprised if you find these tracks going round and round on repeat for days.

Much like the previous release, here LAST MAY JAGUAR strike not with the technical side, but with energy, multiplied by yurica‘s bright, piercing voice. The choruses of the title track are great examples of it. They offer a heavy, rhythmical, rock sound, perfect for headbanging, but still, the main act here is the high pitched female vocals, overfilled with emotion. The song creates a strong impact right from the first verse and then buries you under its palpable atmosphere like an avalanche, making it too hard to get back to the surface.

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