SID 15th Anniversary GRAND FINAL at Yokohama Arena ~Sono mirai e~


author: Mirta Arizola & Julia Marcos


Rock band SID celebrated their steampunk-themed 15th anniversary grand final live at the Yokohama Arena on March 10th, bringing fans on a memorable trip through the band’s music history.


The trip began as the introduction movie for the show played on the wide screen over the stage. A steampunk pirate-like ship flew across the screen amidst a storm. It was taken back in time, a “2011” showing alongside it.

With a triumphal music tone, the movie zoomed in on the main gates of the ship and they opened. Suddenly, the SID members walked on stage as if coming from the ship, dressed in brown steampunk uniforms that matched well with the bronze cogs and gears that adorned the bottom of the stage and drum riser. Vocalist Mao wore a black armband on his left arm and a brown cape; the bassist wore an army hat of the same style.

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