Acoon Hibino is a pianist and musician specializing in instrumental music recorded in 528Hz, a frequency medically proven to stimulate your nervous system and promote health. He has a catalog of 8 CDs, most of them placing in the Amazon Japan Top 10 New Age category.
1981 Begins piano and composition as a student at Kwansei Gakuin University.
2009 Releases first solo album Souvenir.
2012 Performs at Hong Kong’s largest concert hall for a Japan-China friendship event hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2013 Begins performing using sound at 528Hz, which can possess a relaxing effect. Releases Zen Piano album.
2014 Releases trilogy Tsukiyo, Ko no Michi, and Kigen. Performs at the Portland Jazz Festival in America.
Composes and produces MAISO428/Hikari e no Tabi meditative CD for Lacto Japan Co., Ltd.
January 2015 Releases Kokoro to Karada wo wo Totonoeru ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~ (Teichiku Entertainment)
July Releases Jiritsu Shinkei wo Totonoero Oto No Shuhosen ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~ (Teichiku Entertainment)
September Releases CDS MIZUTAMAHIME Feat. Miki Ako.
December Yasuragi ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~ Trilogy + Blu-Ray Box Set
Kokoro to Karada wo Totonoeru ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~ and Jiritsu Shinkei wo Totonoeru Oto no Shohosen ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~ take the Planning Award at the 57th Japan Record Awards.
January 2016 Suimin wo Sasou Oto no Shohosen ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~
April Releases Inu no Yasuragi ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~ (Teichiku Entertainment).
July Releases Kokoro to Karada wo wo Totonoeru Ⅱ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~ (Teichiku Entertainment)
August Releases Oyasumi Akachan ~Ai no Shuhasu 528Hz~ (Teichiku Entertainment)
November Releases Christmas Album
February 2017 His first JAZZ album to be released
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