KENNY(Vo,Gt) / AKUN(Gt,Cho) / MOO(Ba) / PETE(Trumpet,Cho,Key) / KAZUMA(Dr)
SpiCYSOL was formed in August 2013 and settled on the existing form in April as a five-piece band.
They released their debut EP “To the C” on the 20th of May 2015 from RX-RECORDS.
On July third, they had a sold out show “Nami MACHI ONE MAN LIVE 2015 summer” to promote the album.
The following summer, they performed at major events such as “TOKYO METROPOLITAN ROCK FESTIVAL 2015”, “SUMMER SONIC 2015”, “TREASURE05X”, and ”UKFC on the Road 2015”.
On November 27th they threw an event “Nami MACHI vol.3”.
On December 18th, they had a solo show “SPiCYSOL Chill Style One Man Live”
On February third 2016, their first single “Rising Sun” was released.
They performed at local circuit events such as “MUSIC CUBE16”, “SANUKI ROCK COLOSSEUM” and “Hyakumangoku Mihodai~1000000ROCK LIVE CIRCUIT”.
On the 22nd of June, they released their second EP “Tropical Girl “. They also had a promotional solo show tour “Nami MACHI ONE MAN TOUR -Icho Yatte Yrimasuka” in Tokyo Nagoya and Osaka.
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