[Alexandros] Going on to a Tour Including Asian Countries This Fall


Alexandros[Alexandros] is going on a domestic and Asian tour.

The 32-show tour starts at Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa Prefecture on November 16th and is to go to 19 venues until Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall for 2 days in April 2017, including Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.

November 16th 2016 (Wed) Yokohama Arena Kanagawa
November 22th 2016(Tue)KBS HALL Kyoto
November 23th 2016(Wed/Holiday)KBS HALL Kyoto
December 5th 2016(Mon) Zepp Tokyo Tokyo
December 6th 2016(Tue) Zepp Tokyo Tokyo
December 10th 2016(Sat)festhalle Takamatsu Kanagawa
December 11th 2016(Sun)festhalle Takamatsu Kanagawa
December 17th 2016(Sat)LOTS Niigata
December 18th 2016(Sun)LOTS Niigata
January 7th 2016(Sat) BLUE LIVE HIROSHIMA Hiroshima
January 8th 2016(Sun)BLUE LIVE HIROSHIMA Hiroshima
January 14th 2016(Sat)PIT Sendai Miyagi
January 15th 2016(Sun)PIT Sendai Miyagi
January 21th 2016(Sat)EIGHT HALL Kanazawa Ishikawa
January 22th 2016(Sun)EIGHT HALL Kanazawa Ishikawa
January 26th 2016(Thur) Zepp Nagoya Aichi
January 27th 2016(Fri) Zepp Nagoya Aichi
February 3rd 2016日(Fri) Zepp Sapporo Hokkaido
February 4th 2016(Sat) Zepp Sapporo Hokkaido
February 11th 2016(Sat) CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM Okayama
February 12th 2016(Sun) CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM Okayama
February 17th 2016(Fri) Zepp Osaka Bayside Osaka
February 18th 2016(Sat)Zepp Osaka Bayside Osaka
March 4th 2016(Sat)Fukuoka International Center Fukuoka
March 11th 2016(Sat)Namura Hall Okinawa
March 12th 2016(Sun)Namura Hall Okinawa
March 25th 2016(Sat) E-max Music Zone Hong Kong
April 11th 2016(Sat) KT&G sSangsang Madang Seoul Korea
April 18th 2016(Sat) Legacy Taipei Taipei Taiwan
April 19th 2016(Sun)LIVE WAREHOUSE Kaosiung Taiwan
April 22nd 2016(Sat)Makuari Messe International Exibition 9-11 Hall Chiba
April 23th 2016(Sun)Makuari Messe International Exibition 9-11 Hall Chiba

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