Hiroaki Kato Performed at “Kawaiian Cafe” Opening Event


Hiroaki Kato

Shojo Complex and Hiroaki Kato performed at the opening event of “Kawaiian Cafe” at AEON MALL BSD City in Indonesia.

When Shojo Complex showed up on the stage, the fans went energy went all the way to the climax.

They performed “Hajimari no Hikari” and Yume no Kakera” in both Japanese and Indonesian , originally performed by a Japanese idol “Yume no Kakera”. Toward the end they covered three songs by “Goyang Dumang(cata citata)”, and performed “Yume no Kakera” again on the encore to respond to the fan’s request.

Hiroaki Kato performed “Separate”, “Bimbang”, “Laskar Pelangi” and “Terima kasih” on guitar, while the audience are charmed b his voice, singing along with him.

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