Koo Chew Sen


Koo Chew Sen
They formed “Koo Chew Sen” (literary means dogfight as aerial term) in 1990. When the band was formed members were in their 20’s, yet they already had maturity in their music. Their progressive and forward thinking as a band, drew attention from the media and public. The most important key element in this band is the beautiful melodies that lingers and shines like the exquisite Orion in the sky. Their vision and goal is to create and add a mysterious world to listeners’ everyday life and make their space magical by the sound of their music. Their melodies strike like a halo. The 1st LP “Compact” came out in May 2015, and it is an artistic statement and it describes their sound. Their statement to progress and further as Japanese pop musician and always be on the frontline of the Japanese pop music.
In 2008 Riyo (Vocal and Guitar) and Yumiko (Bass) got together and founded the band. After a couple of years, Kaoru (Keyboard) officially joined the band. The same year, the band travelled to Peru to seek for spirituality and there they attended to an indigenous spiritual ritual in the deep jungle. During 2012, they traveled around Europe. During this time, the band almost broke up. But Riyo, who got inspired by travelling, found new motivations and inspirations to lead the group to have a comeback. The same year, they started recording for a new album.
In November 2012, they released a single “Iki Shouchin,/Shiroi Jyu-dai” “Melancholy/White Teenage Years” which was sold out.
In 2013, they released their 1st album, “Progure” “Progressive/Progress” and had a CD release show at Shinjyuku “MARZ”.
In 2014, drummer Abashiri, officially joined the band.
In May 13th 2015, they pressed and released LP “Compact” which was sold nationwide. On the day before their release of “Compact, they had a successful CD release concert at “Lamama” in Shibuya, which they filled up with over 200 fans.
In January 2016, they released 2nd LP “Sukoshi Fushigi” (Little Mysterious).
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