Aoi Yuuki


Aoi Yuuki Aoi Yuuki is a Japanese voice actress and singer born on 3/27 in Chiba. She began acting at the age of 4 and made her debut as a voice actress in 2003 with a TV anime “Kino no Tabi.” She was chosen for the voice of a main character for “Kurenai” in 2008. From there on, she was chosen for many significant roles in various animes. In 2011, she played the role of Kaname Madoka, the main character of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” On her birthday of 3/28/2012, she made her artist debut with the release of her 1st ‘petit’ album “Petipa.” She released her 2nd ‘petit’ album “Meriba” on 2/6/2013.
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