Vocal : KAMIJO
Guitar : HIZAKI
Guitar : TERU
Drums : YUKI
In 2011, they released their 2nd album “Holy Grail”.
“Masquerade” and “Vampire” in this album were used in the film “Vampire Stories” as ending themes. Kamijo (vocal) got involved in this film as music director and scored music for this film.
They also started a world tour “Holy Grail” which consisted 18 concerts in 14 countries and drew more than 40.000 fans to attend to the concerts. Versailles is the first one to travel South America such as Venezuela, Uruguay, and Columbia, as a Japanese visual rock group. They finished the Europe part of the tour at Chambonnières castle in France. In 2012, they ended the world tour at Shibuya Public Hall.
In 2012 they released a single “rose” and also released an album “Versailes”. The same year they announced a hiatus as they finished a concert at NHK Hall. The band took a break from performing for a couple of years.
In December 2015, the band survived the hiatus and started performing. To celebrate, they had a concert at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, which was broadcasted worldwide.
In June 2016, the band was showcased again at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo and in August, the band performed a concert at Makuhari Amphitheater, celebrating their comeback.
The band is back and marching forward to shake the Japanese visual rock scene!!
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