A piano trio led by pianist and keyboardist H ZETT M. The trio’s unique music derives from the “non-gravity technique” of the piano and the sharp, rhythmic sound of the band. In 2014, they participated at the famous “Montreux Jazz Festival” held in Switzerland.
At the “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’14”, they drew young fans with their transcendental playing technique, showing a “laughing and dancing jazz”. From year 2015, they have been focusing on producing and composing for other artists and television commercials. They have also held a live tour in Japan and has had a successful show at a festival in Korea, expanding their overseas activities. One can experience the thrill of the trio’s improvisation at their unique concert. In 2013, they released their debut album “★★★ (Mitsuboshi (Three Stars))” and a 12 inch vinyl with tracks from the concert held in June in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. In 2015, all of their 11 singles ranked No.1 on the iTunes Jazz chart. In November of the same year, they released their second album “Beautiful Flight”.
No other trio than H ZETT M (piano/blue nose), H ZETT NIRE (bass/red nose), and H ZETT KOU (drummer/silver nose) can produce the unique groove.
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