Eir Aoi Closed her International Tour 2015 in Mexico.


Eir Aoi

Eir Aoi had her first solo show in Mexico for the first time on the 6th of December. This show also marked the final day of her world tour starting in Paris , France in July 2015, which went to nine venues in eight countries.

Her 2015’s tour drew about 50 thousand fans in paris, London, Shanghai, San Francisco, Philippines, Atlanta, Taiwan, Hong Kong. And for the final day of the tour, 1000 fans gathered at the venue in Mexico.

Eir’s show ended as a big success, and she drew curtain to her world tour with the best smile. On January 9th, she will have a solo show in Singapore, which was postponed due to natural disaster.

07/05 Japan Expo @France Paris
07/10-11 Hyper Japan Festival 2015 @ London UK
07/25 Bilibili Macro Link 2015 @Shanghai
08/08 J-POP SUMMIT2015 @San Francisco USA
09/20 Best Of Anime @Phillipines
09/26 Anime Weekend Atlanta @Atlanta USA
10/24 Eir Aoi ROCK THE WORLD @Taiwan Solo Show
10/25 Eir Aoi ROCK THE WORLD @Hong Kong Solo Shows
12/06 Eir Aoi ROCK THE WORLD @Mexico Solo Show

World Tour Final Show
2016/01/09 Eir Aoi ROCK THE WORLD @Singapore Solo Show

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