BREAKERZ is the new project by DAIGO, known for his Ziggy Stardust inspired character DAIGO STARDUST.
Recently formed in April 2007, BREAKERZ is the a J-rock band that is made up of 3 people: DAIGO (vocal), AKIHIDE (guitar) and SHINPEI (guitar)
BREAKERZ started off as Daigo and Shinpei’s project. Meeting through a mutual friend and various recording sessions, support guitarist Shipei and Daigo then worked together to make a demo. Daigo is in charge of music and lyric while Shinpei is in charge of arrangements. In the span of 1 month, they could create 40 songs. Later on, they are joined by Daigo’s longtime friend who has worked many times with him in his band, songwriting, playing guitar and singing chorus. That is Akihide. The three of them joined together to form BREAKERZ.
Their music can’t be described in just one word. It’s a fusion of Akihide’s UK rock sound and Shinpei’s American rock sound with Daigo’s sexy voice. Their historic debut is on 6 June 2007 with their first single becoming available on iTunes Japan.
BREAKERZ is signed by ZAIN Records, a member of the Being Giza Group.
Offical Website: