She writes a music for major artists such as BoA, games and web contents.
On the other hand, she djing in domestic and overseas as a member of “Mystic Floor”.
“miimu” it is a solo project of musician Maho Fukami.
In the concept “Cut the scene” ,
She creates a music that is stacked carefully handcrafted sounds one by one.
The core elements are analog synth, ’75 vintage Rhodes, her own voices
and collage of environmental sound samples.
From 2004, she organize the event “aja” with tomzuin h and “SENDERLIPS” at BULLET’S. At gig, she plays Rhodes and Synth in improvisation with raptops.
In April 2010, 1st Album “Heaven’s Radio” was released from noisix Recordings.
This album is featured on MSN BEATCULTURE and NTT Healing iTown,
the sound like tripping in daydream is attracted a great deal of public attention.
In November 2010, “Boutique” was released.
It was collaborated with Metal Breakbeats Unit “PICNIC DEATH”.
She is pioneering a new land with her own “miimu sound”.
Official Website: