Speed was a female J-Pop group consisting of four members: Hiroko Shimabukuro, Eriko Imai, Takako Uehara, and Hitoe Arakaki. When the group formed they scored the record for the lowest average age for a group (13 and a half years old). Speed’s two primary vocalists were Hiroko and Eriko.
Since debuting in 1996 with the single “Body & Soul,” they have won multiple Japan Gold Disc Awards such as New Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, and Song of the Year.
The group disbanded in early 2000, much to the displeasure of their fans, with each of the members pursuing solo projects (most notably Hiroko). They did, however, get back together temporarily twice; in 2001 releasing “One More Dream” and in 2003 releasing new works as part of the “Save the Children” charity project.
Speed’s songs are typically fast and upbeat, incorporating a little bit of a hip-hop feel, and they have also been known to do the odd ballad on occasion.
Following their disbandment, the group reunited several times for charity, but on August 20, 2008 they officially announced plans to reunite permanently. They made their comeback on November 12, 2008 with the single “Ashita no Sora.”Body Soul, Soul, Soul,
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