As if swept and blown here by the winds of North America, with clean and innocent looks are these “Oshare kei idols” (stylish idols).
On one hand they are “Experimental Idols”, executing many unique types of promoting, while their stylish visuals and sounds are thoroughly composed by top-ranking creators. They are highly-acclaimed by many artists and famous creators.
They utilize their great talking ability and the two members’ “idol-nerd” and “realistic celebrity” characteristics to boost appearance as TV, radio, and internet personalities, as well as hosts for events.
In June 2011, they became the first in the industry to become a rental transfer from Tokuma Japan Communications to Tower Records’ new label “T-Palette Records”, and currently continues to work under the same label.
Since December 2012, they have been frequently hosting and planning battle of the band type events.
On June 18th, they released their 11th single “Vanilla Beans sings ‘koppu no fuchico’ official song” and drew much attention.
On November 11th, they released their 12th single “Uchouten Girl”.
This was Daisuke Inoue’s unreleased song originally composed for 80’s duo wink but now embellished as Vanilla Bean’s 2014 cheer song. They also attempted to revive the 80’s as part of their theme.
On December 18th, 2014 they had their own sold out show at Liquid Room.
On February 3rd, 2015 they released their fourth album “Vanilla Beans IV”, after two years since their last album.
They performed solo act shows on May 8th and August 29th at Shibuya clubasia which were all sold out.
Vanilla Beans marked their 8th anniversary on October 3rd, and went on to release a triple-single “Onna wa sore wo gaman shinai/Biiniasu/lonesome X” from avex on Wednesday, November 18th. At the same time, they also announced that they will ‘split’ if the shipment numbers for their new single and new album do not reach 15000.
On Wednesday, February 3rd 2016, their new album “Vanilla Beans V” was released.
In March 2016, they reached 15000 and was able to avoid the splitting.
On March 18th, they performed at Kinema club.
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