Akihide Sato


AKIHIDE Akihide Sato was born in Tokyo. He grew up in Hachioji where the nature was still kept with beautiful sunset view.
At the age of 14, he started playing the guitar.
In 2001
He made his major label debut as the guitarist for FAIRY FORE. FAIRY FORE.
In 2003
After that, he joined DAIGO☆STARDUST’s shows and recordings as a support guitarist.
Also he played for NATCHIN (ex SIAM SHADE).
He launched online picture book MOON SIDE THEATER
In 2004
He formed NEVER LAND and started playing as the vocal/guitar.
He wrote “BLUE KNIFE” for Nanase Aikawa
He joined Wide Wise Apes, a duo by Yutaka Higuchi from BUCK-TICK and Atushi Okuda.
In 2007
NEVER LAND broke up and BREAKERZ was formed.
He joined Acid Black Cherry’s recording and performances.
In 2008
He wrote the lyric of “Boku no Chikara” for KEY GOT CREW under the name of Aki Michiro
In 2012
He published “Aruhi Kokoro ga kakemashita”
In 2013
He launched his solo project, releasing his first solo album “Amber”.
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