Uwakimono (Takeru: SuG)


Uwakimono Uwakimono is a solo project of Takeru, the front person of SuG, which paused its activity on December 29th in 2012. Uwakimono means “a cheater” in Japanese.The project is named under the concept of Takeru having an affair-collaboration with artists other than the members of SuG. Takeru says the solo concept is based in Tokyo not in over-all Japan. He finished a concept album of the songs about Tokyo night-hours from midnight to 5am , turning each hour into a story song. Takeru welcomed a gorgeous line up of music producers such as “TOMH@CK”, who arranges SUG’s songs and produces the music of the popular anime “Keion!” series, “Tamurapan”, a female singer-songwriter who also produces for Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, “0.8Syooogeki” , a duo that sing protest songs over edgy tracks mixed up with punk, hip hop and folk music, and “Yuyoppe”, who produces for BABYMETAL.
Takeru as a rock band vocal, fashion designer, videographer, and novelist, is proud to release his solo project. Please keep an eye on what comes next for Takeru!
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