BREATHE BREATHE is a 2-piece unit with the members of Satoshi Miyata and Kazuya Tada, the 2 finalists of “EXILE Presents Vocal Battle Audition2” held in 2010. They were top artists of the Japanese R&B scene and claimed to have “the ability and power to create and present the music that everyone has always dreamed of” by Kiyoshi Matsuo, BREATHE’s producer and also the producer/lyricist/composer for many prominent artists such as EXILE for ‘Lovers Again’ and ‘Ti Amo’, Toshinobu Kubota, and JUJU.
The unit name “BREATHE” was given by Matsuo and it comes from their determination that “they will continue to sing, as natural and meaningful as to breathe.” They released their debut CD on 12/21/2011.
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