Yun*chi Releases First Single: Ending Theme Song For Anime “LOG HORIZON”



Yun*chi will be releasing her 1st single, “Your song*” on November 13 and that the song would be inserted as the ending theme song for the NHK E Tele’s new anime, “LOG HORIZON”.

The title track from the first single, “Your song*”, is a medium-tempo song that has a refrain that sticks to your ears. The song was produced by Hayato Tanaka (Floor on the Intelligence) who is known for his work with the likes of YUKI and FUNKY MONKEY BABYS. The lyrics reflect the sentimental emotions of Akatsuki, one of the main female characters from the anime.

As the coupling track for the first single, “Your song*”, the song “Waon* with IroKokoro Project” will be featured. The song was created through collaboration with 29 girls around the globe using the internet (IroKokoro Project) wherein the girls sent in their favorite Japanese words. Yun*chi compiled the words to write up lyrics using them and the song was produced by Yusuke Asada who is known for his work with such artists like CHARA.

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