Doping Panda are a 3 piece hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Blending an eclectic mix of Rock, Electronica and Pop, they have created a dynamic sound to captivate a wide range of fans. They originally started out on the Japanese Indie scene, and in the spring of 05 they found themselves signed to a major label; due to their unique sound and awesome live shows, from there, they could only go upward. Following the releases of the mini albums High Fidelity and High Pressure, they released the hit album Dandyism, which went on to sell 50,000 copies nationwide. Dandyism helped push DP into the limelight and onto the major rock scene. It coined phrases by fans such as Doping Panda-ism and the title of their DVD Live-ism. The album also saw them sell out not just venues in Tokyo but across the whole of Japan. The summer of 2006 saw DP explode onto the Japanese festival scene, playing at Rock In Japan Festival, Rising Sun Rock Festival and Summer Sonic, where they have gone on to become regulars. Most noticeably headlining the second stage at this year’s Rock In Japan Festival. 2007 saw another fantastic year for the band, starting with the release of mini album High Brid and selling out a nationwide tour. They went on to play the Dance tent at Summer Sonic alongside the likes of Klaxons, CSS and LCD Soundsystem. In 2008 they released Dopamaniacs again to a great reception and a nationwide tour. 2008 also saw DP cross the borders into Europe, playing at Brighton’s Great Escape festival and some of London’s classic rock clubs including Metro and The Bull & Gate. In the spring of 2009 DP released the much anticipated album Decadance to a huge reception, once again selling out a nationwide tour. The future can only hold good things for Doping Panda, with their addictive style of hooks, catchy lyrics and a beat that can’t stop you from dancing.
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