Halfby is the solo project of Kyoto resident artist, Takahiro Takahashi. Basically, He’s DJ and is always busy with his Dj tour in Japan. Also, he’s now well known as one of the Japanese rising star DJs. His DJ styles is Breakbeats and Hip hop based but he also plays Rock, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Reggae and Calypso/Caribean music. His combination play of wide range of music is well reflected in Halfby’s music. Halfby made his debut in 2002 and all the three EPs becaome hits and were sold out soon. Especailly, the first mini album “Half Works” was a huge hit at big record stores like HMV and Tower Records and stayed at the higher position in the indie chart. After the release of the mini album, He remixed the songs of the famous Japanese artists the likes of Cubismo Grafico, M-Flo, Doping Panda and Halcali. He got an offer from one of the famous film director in Japan at the moment, Mr.Katsuyuki Motohiro and made the soundtracks of the movie “Summertime Machine Blues” in cooperation with Strauss (Tatsuki Hashimoto). Then, He had chances to perform in the huge rock festival in Japan like Summersonic 05 and Count down Japan 05/06. Halfby’s first full-length album “Green Hours” finally released in Octorber 2005. It has been sold much more than the mini album and has reached 2nd position on Tower records’ indie chart. Stars in Japanese music scene such as Fantastic Plastic Machine and Mr.Yasuharu Konishi (ex Pizzicato 5) sing the praises for his album and talent. He has been surely climbing up the success ladder in Japanese music
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