TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE to Sing New Song written by J of LUNA SEA



TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE will sing a song written by their dream artist, J from JUNA SEA.

Having been a featured artist through a popular TV program, the members of TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE learned about the difficulty of communication, and challenged themselves to come out of their comfort zones. The last challenge, which awaits this all-girl dance & vocal unit, is to sing a song written by J from LUNA SEA.

Not to mention that this new challenge is also part of the TV program, J known as one of the most successful bassists and rock musician of LUNA SEA, had been talked about and was urged by a recording producer to write a song for TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE for a long while. On top of that producers I-love-you calls, the girls unit sent a love letter to J themselves and visited J’s live concert in April to show how serious they were about learning J’s music. The lovely art of asking finally made the girls dream come true.

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE has become one of the top players among many other talented girls units. What’s the outcome going to be, how are the girls of average age 15.2 year old perform an authentic rock piece written by an established artist like J? Stay tuned!

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