JASMINE, Music and Lyric Video for New Song Available for Viewing on YouTube



JASMINE who will be releasing a new single “High Flying” has her official video channel within YouTube now.

In commemoration to the opening, the music video of the new song “High Flying” is now available for viewing. For the music video “High Flying”, the video director MASATSUGU NAGASOE created a futuristic city wrapped in special neon made using CG lights.

Moreover, for the first time viewing of official lyric video started. JASMINE’s outlook of the world with their unique lyrics filled with originality, the various CG videos that expresses the EDM’s feel of sound, and the graphic rendition that has the impact of transforming the lyrics, is a complete match to the virtue of the song which will get you pumped up for sure.

“JASMINE Official YouTube Channel” is filled with contents like the newest music video, valuable footage of making the video, lyric video with a huge impact and all the music videos produced in the past. They will be uploading live videos in the future so check it out.

Official Website: