URBANGARDE to perform at Japan Expo 2013 in France



May 30, 2013 — Japanese “Trauma Techno Pop” band URBANGARDE will return to France to perform at Japan Expo in Paris, France, July 4-7, 2013. URBANGARDE made their French live performance debut at Toulouse Game Show (TGS) in December 2012.

Special Announcement Video:

URBANGARDE recently announced the release of their first best album “Koi to Kakumei to URBANGARDE” (Love, Revolution, and URBANGARDE) on June 19, 2013.

The album features all of URBANGARDE’s previous singles including their major debut “Skirt Kakumei,” and new songs “Hatsukoi Jigoku Hen” & “Tokai no Alice,” produced by Masahide Sakuma. The fan-favorite “Baby Boom,” performed at every live show, is recorded here for the first time, and “Momoiro Chronicle” received a special remix with a choir-style arrangement for this release.

Starting in July, URBANGARDE will begin a national tour of Japan titled “Koi to Kakumei to Nihon wo Torimodosu” (Getting Back Love, Revolution, and Japan).

Koi to Kakumei to URBANGARDE (Love, Revolution, and URBANGARDE)
Release: 6/19/2013

Track listing:
01. Hatsukoi Jigoku Hen (*New song)
02. Tokai no Alice (*New song)
03. Onnanoko Sensou
04. Sailor Fuku wo Nuganaide
05. Baby Boom (*First time on CD)
06. Mizutama-byou
07. Concrete Girl
08. Syuusei Syugisha
09. Kizudarake no Maria
10. Ashita Jishin ga Okottara
11. Skirt Kakumei
12. Tokimeki ni Shisu
13. Umaretemitai
14. Yameru Idol
15. Sayonara Subculture
16. Momoiro Chronicle (Zen-ei Toshi Gakuen Choir mix) (*REMIX)

Vocals: YOKOTAN (Yoko Hamasaki) 
Vocals and Artwork: TENMA 
Guitar: Shinsama
Keyboards: Yachi
Drums: Kyouchan

URBANGARDE is a self-described “Trauma Techno Pop” five-member band, combining a crazy techno sound and intricate musical composition. Their mix of male and female vocals with performance-art visuals and vocalist Yokotan’s fashion style have attracted attention from fans worldwide. After releasing three indie albums, they released their major debut singles “Skirt Kakumei” and “Tokimeki ni Shisu” from Universal Music Japan in 2011, followed by their first major-label album release “Mental Hells”.

Often performing for crowds of over 1,000 in Tokyo, their 2012 album “Geiger Counter Culture” achieved the number 10 position on the daily Oricon chart in Japan and made the top 25 on its weekly chart.

Popular in France, vocalist Yokotan has appeared on the TV program “Japan in Motion” (NOLIFE TV), and URBANGARDE ranked No.4 among the program’s most popular J-Pop artists in 2012. The band made their French live performance debut at Toulouse Game Show (TGS) in December 2012.