MIYAVI, Full-blown World Debut. From “雅-MIYAVI-“ to “MIYAVI”



MIYAVI who has fans all over the world will be world debuting at full-scale. He has completed three world tours successfully, performing over 200 lives at 30 different countries.

He appeared in the world’s largest musical instrument show in Anaheim, California, America in January 2013. With Elton John and Dooby Brothers appearing, first time in the history a Japanese artist played as the key performer at Taylor booth, an American guitar maker. Not only that, on Taylor’s website he was introduced on the top page, showing an exceptional activity as a Japanese artist.

In this situation, an album fully focused on the world “MIYAVI” will be released on June 19th. This is a highly motivated piece consisting of EDM (electronic dance music) sound that is storming in overseas scene and focusing on powerful scrap guitar, which is MIYAVI’s characteristic.

For the production crew, producer Dean Gillard who has won the Grammy Award and THE BRIT Awards by producing Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Carlos Santana and Taylor Swift was appointed. Moreover, DJs from European countries and few more producers are going to be appointed making it an authentic world sound we can count on. As soon as he is done with the last performance of his tour in Okinawa, he is planning on flying to London for recording.

He announced that he will be unifying the artist name here in Japan from “雅-MIYAVI-“ to “MIYAVI”, announcing his will to advance to the world full-scale. The CEO of the record company, Universal Music Group International, MAX HOLE left a comment, “I’m extremely happy to have MIYAVI join the EMI/Universal team. I’m counting on the new album being composed by the global A&R team. I intend to sell his music and MIYAVI himself who will be active worldwide, through EMI/Universal to the whole world with all my might.

Furthermore, after MIYAVI releases the piece, he will be practicing the tour in autumn where he will be performing in 6 different cities in Japan and also planning on announcing world tour accordingly.

A new hero who will be going abroad with music will be born. We will need to pay attention to the opening of a new chapter by the Samurai Guitarist・MIYAVI.

New Album 『MIYAVI』
2013, June 19th on sale
[Limited Edition Disc]CD+DVD
TOCT-29144 4,800 yen (tax in)
※Specially recorded DVD included where live videos and behind the scene shots from the tour <”Ahead Of The Light” TOUR 2013> on April 5th at Akasaka BLITZ.
[Regular Disc]CD
TOCT-29145 1,980 yen (tax in)

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