Hisashi Kimura


Hisashi Kimura A singer-songwriter born in Osaka, raised in Shimamoto-cho, Mishima District, Osaka Prefecture. At the age of 10, heard The BEATLES for the first time, and at 23, was astounded by Stevie Wonder’s live performance and began self-learning the piano. In 1999, moved to Tokyo and debuted as the pianist/vocalist/songwriter of the pop band Clingon. Caught the attention of many pop fans. In 2006, the band went on a break; however, he began his solo career the same year. His straightforward lyrics, and pop sense has drawn much attention. In 2007, began his career as a band again. In January 2008, released the 1st solo album “Tokyo no Sora”. As of now, he belongs in a trio band with Kenta Ito (B) and Yoshiki Mori (Dr.).