Osaka Monaurail / Collaboration with Local Artist for First Tour in Australia


Osaka Monaurail
Osaka Monaurail will go on their first tour in Australia this month! The tour will cover Sydney, Melbourne and Lexton with a total of 5 lives. For the 3 lives in Sydney, Osaka Monaurail will be on stage for “SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2013,” one of the biggest art festivals in Australia.

Moreover, they will do a cover of ‘No Trouble On The Mountain’ by Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes in collaboration with an Australian singer, Shirley Davis. This number has been released as a cover song, included in the complication album “Return of Jazz Funk Special:Jazz Funk Never Dies” released in 2011.

Tour Information:
Australia Tour by Osaka Monaurail
Dates & Venues:
1/18/2013(Fri) SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2013 / Sydney
1/19/2013(Sat) SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2013 / Sydney
1/24/2013(Thurs) SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2013 / Sydney
1/25/2013(Fri) THE ESPLANADE HOTEL, Melbourne
1/26/2013(Sat) RAINBOW SERPENT FESTIVAL 2013 / Lexton

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