The First Show of Perfume’s Overseas Tour is a Great Success


The decisive first show of Perfume’s first ever world tour, “Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st,” was played on October 26th at Taiwan’s Neo Studio venue. The venue was packed with local fans eager to see the performance.

Perfume has performed in front of crowds as large as 50,000 people within Japan, but for this tour, the 3 singers, who have always placed a lot of importance on their live shows, have chosen smaller live house venues. In some ways they are getting back to their roots.

The setlist features mainly songs from the album “Perfume Global Compilation: LOVE THE WORLD,” featuring interwoven songs from their debut all the way to the most recent pieces, which has been released in Japan as well as other parts of Asia. This performance is in some ways like Perfume’s business card for overseas markets, introducing them to the world at large.

Tour Information:
Perfume Overseas Tour (tentative title)
10/26/2012(Fri) Neo Studio / Taiwan
11/7/2012(Wed) Rotunda 3 / Hong Kong
11/17/2012(Sat) AX-KOREA / Korea
11/24/2012(Sat) SCAPE / Singapore

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