YOHIO was born to a Swedish musical family and began playing the piano from the age of 6. He began composing music immediately. He began playing the guitar from age 11 and continued playing vigorously, and the guitar became a very big part of his life.
In the summer of 2009, formed the visual kei band Seremedy, and began composing songs under the theme of “Beauty & Madness”. He initially had trouble recruiting members, but with the inclusion of SEIKE on vocals, the band officially came into shape in January 2010. On April 1st, 2010, they had their first live performance in Sundsvall, Sweden. Soon after, they performed at the UppCon, the biggest Japanese pop culture convention in Scandinavia. On July 18th, performed at XO-Club in Moscow. They made an appearance on the Japanese visual kei magazine “Cure” on that same month.
In March 2011, Seremedy signed with Ninetone Records/Universal Music. Released their debut single “Bulletproof Roulette” on the 11th. On April 8th, released the EP “Seasons Will Change” which featured the aforementioned track and went on a tour in Japan.
During October and November of 2001, performed as opening act for “V-Rock Fes II”, the biggest visual kei festival. During that time, they went on their second tour, where YOHIO, for the first time, performed as lead vocalist for the song “Without Wings? Sora to Yakusoku shita?”.
The sensible Japanese V-rock fans quickly took notice of YOHIO’s great looks, high Japanese ability, and masterful guitar technique. There are many fanatical fans now. Starting February 2009, YOHIO has been posting comments in Japanese on his Ameblo blog.
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