WHITE ASH started its activities in 2008. Their sound was influenced by western rock in 2000’s . Their gifted voice of the vocalist Nobita, and his outstanding songwriting skill combined with the gap between the sound and the members’ characters are creating a big buzz.
In 2013, they signed a major label band, with tie-in exposure such as “Gatchman Clouds” theme song, JRA “Japan Cup Legend” commercial, and “Mode Academy) commercial. They were also called for local festivals, followed by a successful solo show at SHIBUYA-AX.
They don’t conform to any norms, gaining fan-base from high school rock kids to their parents’ generation.
In October 2014, they released their best CD, making it to ORICON TOP10.
On August 5th they released their first double A side single “Insight/Ledger”, which was featured as a sequence of “Gatchaman Clouds” titled “Gatchaman Clouds Insight”.
The single “The Phantom Pain” was tied-in with the latest version of KONAMI’s “METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN” from “METAL GEAR OLD” series. They also acted in the promotional short movie in “Meta Otoko Days” .
On March 16th they released their 4th album “SPADE3”, followed by seventeen show tour, ending it with a full-house Akasaka BLITZ show.
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