Eir Aoi


Eir Aoi (born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, November 30) is the hottest female vocalist in Japan, singing theme songs of Anime such as “Sword Art Online”, “Kill la Kill” & “Fate/Zero”.
Since her major label debut in October 2011 with single “Memoria,” the hits know no end, with “Innocence,” “Sirius,” “Ignite,” and “Lapis Lazuli” among her many popular tracks. Her three albums to date have all enjoyed chart debuts in the top ten on Oricon, the stamdard popularity chart of the Japanese music industry.
July 2015 marked the start of a world tour from Paris and London through San Francisco to Mexico. Her bilingual Facebook page has garnered 500,000 likes so far, building increasingly solid legions of fans around the globe. Her first Budokan headliner in November was a huge success, and various TV performances have left a lasting impression on music lovers.
With looks of an unattainable beauty and a voice that packs a heckuva punch, she’s got what it takes as she makes sure that her songs are heard around the world.
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