Gentaro Kagitomi


Born in 1986 in Niigata. Won 1st place at the “55th Zen Nippon Gakusei Ongaku Concours Tokyo Taikai Chugaku no Bu”, and the“1st Nippon Tchaikovsky Concours Seishonen no Bu”. Won 1st place in the “72nd Music Competition of Japan”, along with Leucadia Award, Sagimi Award, and Kuroyanagi Award. Until now, he has performed with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra under Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Toho OB Orchestra under Seiji Ozawa, And with New Japan Philharmonic under Ken Takaseki. He is currently studying at Toho Gakuen University’s soloist diploma course and works under the tutelage of Akiko Tatsumi.
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