SKE48 is an all-female Japanese theater/idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. The audition was held during the summer and was debuted in October 2008. SKE48 performs in the newly built studio in the renewalled Sunshine Sakae in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, every Saturday. The first SKE48 stage was a revival of Team A’s ‘ Party ga Hajimaru yo ‘. They started performing at Sunshine Sakae from October 15, 2008 onwards and since then, they have been performing regularly.
Since 2008, SKE48 has been under various labels. For their debut single ‘ Tsuyokimono Yo ‘ , it was released under Lantis and their second single ‘ Aozora Kataomoi ‘ , NIPPON CROWN/CROWN GOLD.
The group consists of 3 active teams ; Team S, Team KII and Kenkyuusei ( Trainees ). They have 14, 16 and 15 members respectively. The youngest of all 45 members would be Matsui Jurina and Goto Risako, born in 1997, and the eldest is Sato Mieko, born in 1986.
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