Sunny Day Service


Sunny Day Service is a three-piece guitar band.
Orignially forming in 1992 as a punk band the group consisted of Keiichi Sokabe, Takashi Tanaka and other members. They released the EP “Cosmo-Sports” and independent album “Super Disco” and in 1994 the “Hoshizora no doraibu” and “Cosmic Hippie” EPs.
Their sound was evolving with time, and when Harushige Maruyama joined the band (now a three-piece) released their first major label mini album. From their own admission the album’s sound owed much to the Japanese guitar group Flipper’s Guitar, and at the time Sunny Day Service themselves confessed to be ‘Flipper’s followers’.
Harushige Maruyama later joined the band and with this line-up they released a first full album ‘Wakamonotachi’. This time their sound turned to the folk music revolution typified in the music of late 60s Japanese group “Happy End”, since which Sunny Day Service gained great respect for their acoustic work.
Conituing their success and releasing a number of albums and singles at the end of their Love Album Tour in 2000 Sunny Day Service announced they would disband. Since dispanding a best of and b-side compilations have been released, while Keiichi Sokabe has gone on to a successful solo career.
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