Mika Agematsu


Mika Agematsu
Date of Birth: July 2, 1982
Professional Arpa Player (South American Harp Player)
Born in Shinshu, central part of Japan. Starts playing arpa at the age of 13 under instruction of her mother, who is also a professional arpa player. Later years she makes trips several times to Paraguay and receives education from famous arpa professionals, and makes a notable growth. In 1998, performs at the biggest music festival in Paraguay “Festival De Tacuare” as the first Japanese who ever participated and receives “Special Award”. In 1999, wins the 1st prize at the 2nd Japan All National Arpa Competition. In the same year, receives a title of “Maestro of Arpa” at the 5th Funjo Musical from Veracruz Art University in Mexico. Then Agematsu makes a major debut by releasing the 1st solo album “INOCENSIA” from King Records. After that, she increases appearance in various media (TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers), mainly in Japan. She also performs at concerts in Paraguay and Mexico, and at times makes appearance in local TV and radio programs in those countries. As she becomes well-known, the number of concert increase and it counted more than 200 in one year in the year 2002. From 1999 till 2002, released 6 albums and 1 Live DVD. In 2003, takes a recess in entertainment activity. During the recess, travels abroad and gets broader view of arpa and music, and engages in composition. Also during this period, continues activity as an instructor. Resumes entertainment activity in July, 2004. At the close timing, sets up her own management office and concluded a contract with Universal Music Japan. Released a full original album titled “mika AGEMATSU” in February 2005 from Universal Music Japan. Received the honor of “Awards To Women” in the “Art Category” from Avon Products Co. Ltd. in 2005. Her music expression by arpa is not limited to traditional South American music, and makes a challenge to other field such as cinema music, etc. She continues to seek her own originality and sound. Her brilliant technique and sound quality attract many.
Other Recent Past Activities
Introduced as “Face of the year” in “Woman of the Year 2006” of Nikkei Woman.
December Invited to Soul, Korea for the first time in Asian country outside Japan, and performed with
local String Quartet group. Made a TV appearance of Japanese popular program “41st
Japan Record Awards” on year end eve as a guest and performed.
June Released new album “ANIPA”, in that album she covered the title music of long loved
Japanese masterpiece animated films and TV programs by fully utilizing beauty of arpa sound
and technique.
October Released Live DVD “Mika Agematsu Live! 2006 Spring” that was performed at “STB139” in
Roppongi, Tokyo in May of the same year.
August In order to create her own ideal Latin music, she formed a music group “Cruz” and released a
new album “Cruz del Sur” performed by that group.
November Received an award of “The 12th Shinkai Sensho”, that is given by Nagano Cultural
Foundation to those who achieved an excellent work in culture and sports related activity.
April Worked on main theme music number of BS Japan TV program “Shashinka-tachi no Nihon
Kiko (Japan Travel by Photographers)”.
July Released a new album “CAVATINA”, all numbers are cover of guitar music played by Arpa
October Performed in collaboration with “Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra”
November Held first original concert “Sinfonia de Arpa 2008” in Paraguay, which was a big success and
received standing ovation from fully seated audience. Also, performed at “Festival De
Tacuare” and “The 2nd World Arpa Festival”. She also spoke at a talk event with the title of
“Current status of Paraguayan Harp in Japan”. Received a certificate of gratitude from
Capital City of Asuncion of Paraguay., and had an opportunity to play in front of Vice
President of Paraguay. She was broadly picked up by Paraguayan media such as newspaper
and magazines and made much appearance on TV and radio, drawing much attention of
While her work is based on performing at concerts and producing CDs, she has been making outstanding progress by expanding her activities in composing music and playing with various styles and in circumstances as one of the best Japanese Paraguayan harp players.
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