DIR EN GREY / "DIR EN GREY UROBOROS at BUDOKAN the MOVIE" One night only worldwide streaming ! Watch the legendary concert exclusively on USTREAM !


The most internationally successful Japanese bands, DIR EN GREY.They were the first Japanese band to be on the cover of “KERRANG!” magazine.They went on North American tours with established bands such as KORN and DEFTONES, and attended many rock festivals including the world’s biggest heavy metal festival “Wacken Open Air”. Also, MTV’s “Headbangers Ball” chose their music videos (“Saku” and “DOZING GREEN”) for the best music videos.The band is gaining more and more respect in the rock music world across borders.
In January, 2010, DIR EN GREY gave a concert at Budokan in Tokyo for 2 days only, as a part of their biggest project, “UROBOROS”. This legendary concert was documented and released theatrically later that same year as “DIR EN GREY UROBOROS at BUDOKAN the MOVIE”. It focused on the band‘s excellent sense of music and humanity, and showed real members both on the stage and back-stage. The film provided the fans a rare opportunity to see the band letting real self out. With fans’ strong request, USTREAM will stream exclusively “DIR EN GREY UROBOROS at BUDOKAN the MOVIE “worldwide.
It was just announced that the band is suspending their musical activities due to the health issue of their vocal, Kyo.He was diagnosed as having vocal impairment and his doctor order him to stop performing and focus on the treatment.The band canceled their North American tour, which was originally set for this March and April.
The fans were devastated by this news. They started asking for re-release of “DIR EN GREY UROBOROS at BUDOKAN the MOVIE”. The film was only released in Japan but the re-release request came from not only Japan, but all over the world.To respond the fans passionate requests, USTREAM raised their hands to provide the fans to stream the film worldwide at the same time.
Originally, the camera was allowed to follow the band on condition that the film will be only released theatrically.However, the band agreed to this streaming to express appreciation for the fans and their support.
On USTREAM, the viewers are able to communicate to one another as they stream the contents. DIR EN GREY has a great number of enthusiastic fans across borders, and they can meet and share their passions towards the band as they watch the film. This will be a totally different experience from watching the film by yourself in cinema.
“DIR EN GREY UROBOROS at BUDOKAN the MOVIE” succeeded to capture not only the worldview of the band, but also the members as true seekers without disguise.
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“UROBOROS” is the internationally acclaimed 7th album by Japanese rock band DIR EN GREY known also for their activities overseas. “UROBOROS” was brought to life in the legendary 2 Days show at the Nippon Budokan on January 9 and 10 of 2010, presented in this documentary film “DIR EN GREY UROBOROS at BUDOKAN The MOVIE”
Staff credits
Director: Yuichiro Iwaki
Project: Sun-krad / Shirogumi Inc.
Producers: Atsushi Inoue / Yuichiro Iwaki / Yuji Akiyama / Shuichi Minamino
Music: Dir En Grey
Editing: Shirogumi Inc.
Production: Sun-krad / Shirogumi Inc. / Musashino Ad Inc. / Presidio Corporation