The group was original formed by Shiho Saiki, Asaka Oomi, and Tatsuo Matsui through a mini segment on the show “Oto no Saiten” which aired for a year on Chiba Television in 2009. All three members were main casts of the show. Matsui was the program’s chairman of the judges.
Their performances of nursery song medleys, pop medleys, and folk medleys on the aforementioned program became popular. Their nursery song medleys became especially popular, and their number of plays on YouTube surpassed the 10,000 times mark. The concept of the group became “daughter and parents” due to their relative age differences. Under that concept, they produced original songs that they perform at various settings ranging from company social meetings to festivals.
The songs from their single “Tairyo Chanchan” reflects the concepts of reviving enthusiasm in towns and cities, and reviving “ochanoma” (Japanese style living room) in homes. The message of walking together and going on a journey is also portrayed. “Tairyo Chanchan” is a song that celebrates a big haul and intends to promote a happy family of parents and children. “ASHITA” themselves are also a happy family. They plan to tour numerous harbor festivals all around the country with this song.
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