the chef cooks me


the chef cooks me Formed by simoryo (Vo,Key) in 2003 in Shimokitazawa, the chef cooks me is a rock band active in the live scene of Tokyo area. Their sounds in a fair mixture of various elements from pop to rock and their unique live performance have attracted much attention of various audiences. They released their 1st album “Our Cooking Hour” in 11/2006 and a mini album “Life Style, Make Smile Compact Disc” in 6/2008. They participated in summer rock festivals such as “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL,” “SUMMER SONIC” and “RUSH BALL.” After a few member changes, they have been active with 5 members (simoryo, neeche (G), zimas (Dr), Ryoichi Ura (B) and ayUtokiO (G)) since 2/2012.
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