Tabuchi, Hisako – guitar, vocals
born 1975 DEC 09 from Fukuoka prefecture
Since starting guitar at age 13, continued to play guitar in girl bands without stopping. Joined Number Girl at 19 and moved to Tokyo in 1998. After the break-up in 2002, formed Toddle. In 2003, joined Bloodthirsty Butchers.
Her intense guitar playing that would wake a sleeping child is impressive, but taking over vocals for the first time in Toddle, she shows a never-before-seen side of herself. apparently had been karaoke buddies with Kobayashi before forming the band. currently mentally training for various things while living a busy daily life.
Kobayashi, Ai – guitar, vocals
born 1975 DEC 02 from Kanagawa prefecture
Began guitar at age 18 due to joining a band, but because she especially liked listening to lo-fi stuff, she convinced herself she didn’t need to be good with an instrument and so skipped practicing which she regrets somewhat reaching this point without improving.
In 1998, began Swarm’s Arm and is still loosely active with them.
Invited by her drinking buddy Tabuchi, she joined Toddle. Since she was a fan of Tabuchi’s guitar, she gets chills. Before joining, worked with Ezaki as support for Luminous Orange.
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