Symphonic metal band Matenrou Opera’s new single, featuring guest guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura, drops on February 17th.


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Symphonic metal band Matenrou Opera will release a new single on February 17th.

Hakanaku kieru ai no sanka will contain three variants of the title track, including an orchestral version. In light of guitarist JaY‘s recent departure, the ubiquitous Takayoshi Ohmura has filled in as a guest guitarist. The CD version of the single will be sold exclusively through Matenrou Opera‘s official webstore.

Elsewhere, Matenrou Opera frontman Sono recently unveiled a pair of duets with Schwarz Stein vocalist Kaya. The duo sang covers of Matenrou Opera‘s 2007 debut single alkaloid showcase and Kaya‘s 2009 solo song Ophelia.
Reference: JaME