Interview ! HYDE [VAMPS] North America Tour Vol.1 Mexico



──You went to Mexico for the first time during the South America Tour last year, right?

HYDE: Yeah, I knew there are a lot of VAMPS fans. It’s usually Mexicans among the Central and South Latin American fans that come to our show in North America. I’m sure the show in Mexico will be a blast.

──This is the South-end in your North America tour?

HYDE: Strictly speaking, Mexico may not be North America but since we have a lot of fans in the area, show dates were simply added.

──Mexico might be an ideal country where people celebrate the Day of the Dead instead of Halloween. That’s why fans go crazy at the show.

HYDE: Yeah, it should be a crazy crowd. Maybe this is also a relaxation. Mexico is not a battlefield. I get to relax just as I would doing shows in Japan.

──You once mentioned Chile as a country where you feel as if you were the biggest star in the country. Are they that enthusiastic?

HYDE: Yeah. Fans definitely different when comparing to North America. South America, Mexico, people in this area are totally unique and special in a different way.

──What do you think is the reason for that? Are they hot tempered or is it a part of the culture?

HYDE: It may be partly because English is not their native language over there. Or mainly. Non-native countries are open for other cultures as they study other language. They speak English other than their mother tongue. It’s in their system to welcome elements from other countries.

──I see

HYDE: Also anime can have something to do with it. They have anime but not many live shows by Japanese artists. That’s partly due to the distance between Japan and those countries half a world away. So I guess they are craving for Japanese artists’ performance.

──Last but not the least, what is the attraction of Mexico for you?

HYDE: I love Mexican food. Nachos, Tacos, I love those foods. I really do.

VAMPS North American Tour 2016 With Special guest Citizen Zero
11/06 (Sun) San Francisco, CA Social Hall SF
11/07 (Mon) Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theater
11/10 (Thu) Mexico City, Mexico Teatro Metropolitan
11/13 (Sun) New York, NY Irving Plaza
11/14 (Mon) Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace
11/15 (Tue) Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge

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