Nobuhiko Sato


Birthdate; August, 28th, 1952
Blood type: AB
Birthplace: Kyoto
Education: Doushi University, Law School
Nobuhiko Sato is active as a guitarist singer, songwriter, composer and producer. He was born in Kyoto. He attended and graduated from Doushi-sha University studying law. During his years in university, he found the passion for performing and composing music. After joining and performing with music groups including, “SPANISH HARLEM NIGHT”, “PANTA&HAL” and “HURRICANE”, he decides to take his path as a solo artist and singer song writer as well as a composer and producer.
He composed and arranged songs for numerous famous Japanese pop & rock artists, including Lindberg, Yoko Oginome, Be-B, Shounen-tai, Ai-Sachi, Takashi Katsunori and many more. He is also active as a producer and his works with artist include Ziggy, Lindberg, Shazna, Kuroyume, Kabuki Rock, Laputa, La’cryma, Christi, Maschera, Megamaso…etc.
He is also very active as a solo artist. He has released 3 solo albums, including “NOV”, “Spanish Harlem Night”, and “Turning Point”.
In December 2010, he released a solo album “Aisareta Kiokuwo” (Memories of Affection), which is released on Recochoku, i-tunes, Teichiku Mobile, and Mora.
In 2011, he gave concerts and shows around Yokohama and Tokyo areas.
In 2012, he released his single “Namida Jyanai” (It’s not tears).
In 2013, He nationally released “Tower” which is dedicated to and supporting grown-ups in Japan.
In 2016, he released his 5th album “Heartful”.
The sound of his songs and his lyrics grab heart and soul of Japanese listeners. His songs are not soft and loving because of his age. His music is about connecting with listeners of any age and generations, through, he calls it, “Sato Music”.
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