Tetsuya Komuro Back in Shanghai To Perform after 15 Years and Awarded Recognition for Improvement of The Musical Arts



On October 25th, the “Tetsuya Komuro China-bound Music Trip Piano Concert” was held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy in China.

This piano concert was part of a huge month-long series of events supported by the Shanghai City Administration.

This special duo concert with guest guitarist Tetsuya Katsuragi, opened up with “DEPARTURES”, known for its beautiful piano intro, appropriately as if to inform us of the beginning of a special day. Their hour-long performance centered around songs that were also popular in China like “My Revolution” and “CAN YOU CELEBRATE?”. Their beautiful sounds embraced the 2000 people in the audience.

Because it had been 15 years since his last show in Shanghai, Komuro appeared in many Chinese television and online shows this time around. On the 23rd, he appeared at the newly opened club ‘MODU’ as a guest DJ, and surprised everyone by playing a Chinese lyric version of “DEPARTURES” .

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