Femme Fatale, at their first overseas (U.S.) show, completely moved the audience.


Femme Fatale

Lead by visual-kei queen Kaya, Femme Fatale made a guest appearance at “Pacific Media Expo” on September 5, L.A.

“Pacific Media Expo” is held every year in Los Angeles, a convention that introduces Japanese cuture including anime, manga, visual-kei, to name the least. In the past, T.M.Revolution has performed as well as many visual-kei artists, voice actors, illustrators, and cartoonists. Femme Fatale became the guest artist for this year, making the bands first overseas show possible.

During their show they performed tracks including their first single “FREYA,” second single “Voyage,” pop and catchy tune “STARDUST,” the passionate “Crimson Nail,” a set of nineteen songs including an encore.

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