STARMARIE’s regular performances in Taiwan. Repeat performance in Taiwan in September



STARMARIE played their fourth concert in Taiwan on July 4 and 5.

STARMARIE performed with You Kikkawa, Juririjuriran Mirai Gorogorogoroni 13sei, Mi*N~Ki, and TIRA at JOSHIGUZO ONGAKUSAI vol.1 and vol.2 at PIPE LIVE MUSIC, Taiwan on July 4. On the next day (July 5), they were special guests at You Kikkawa’s solo show You Kikkawa Live Tour in Taipei ~YOU-GENJIKKO!~ that was held at the same venue. That same evening, they peformed their second Taiwan “one-man” show and their first regular gig, STARMARIE TANDOKU KOEN ~THE FANTASY WORLD~.

This Taiwan concert took place just after the end of STARMARIE’s Asia tour. 90% of the crowed was wearing red concert T-shirts. They performed in the 36ºC heat. Marists (STARMARIE fans) mastered the choreography as the group members and Marists became one.

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