The world’s first virtual reality music video by Kumi Koda. Her talked about new song available for pre-order in 110 countries


Kumi Koda

Kumi Koda announced the world’s first 360° virtual reality music video (VRMV), which uses the much talked about “Oculus Rift” technology. The video is for her new song, “Dance In The Rain”, which is available to preorder on iTunes in 110 countries (including North America and Europe).

This song is an emotional dance ballad which we haven’t heard in a while. A 2D music video has been produced along with the VRMV. The grand-scale video is linked to the VRMV and was produced by the world’s top creators. Koda’s well-honed body can be seen in the video. The video will be available in 110 countries through iTunes on November 5.

Digital Single “Dance In The Rain”
Pre-order starts October 22, 2014 via iTunes in 110 countries (including North America and Europe)
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